About me


meMy name is Lakshmi and I am a self-taught artist from Nottingham. Since a young age drawing and painting has been my passion. I studied art until A levels and achieved A grade. However, I decided to pursue my further education by doing a degree in Business Studies. During the gap year when I was on work placement, my colleague commissioned me to do a painting. This was the first piece of artwork I sold and it was a great success.

To see my work giving others happiness was an amazing feeling. This gave me a sense of personal achievement, happiness and fulfilment from what I enjoy doing the most.

I believe that my talent is a gift and I would like to use it to bring colour and happiness into people’s homes. Although I am currently working full time as an administrator, I continue painting during my spare time and it is my dream is to become a full time artist one day.


All of my work is done using acrylics. I work mostly from still life set-ups and from my own photographs. I am inspired by nature and the things around me and I like to explore these using vibrant colours. More recently I started doing abstract art which has been influenced by my feelings and life experiences. I wanted to create artwork filled with colour and emotion where the audience can feel and connect with my paintings and feelings through art.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy browsing my paintings.


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